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Paperless Billing

Paperless billing is available through My eircom and is a safe and convenient way to receive your eircom bills, and itís good for the environment too!

Benefits of paperless billing
  • Less paper - less clutter
  • Safe and secure
  • Store up to 12 months previous bills online*
  • Good for the environment

How does paperless billing work?

Paperless bills are available online through My eircom. Once you register for My eircom, you can log in and view your bills online. You can also avail of other features such as the ability to compare your bills, manage your payments and view itemised usage for your calls and broadband. If you have TV you can view your TV package and change your TV PIN. If you are also an eMobile customer you can view your eMobile package online through my eircom.

Your online bill will contain exactly the same information as a paper bill and you can store and access up to 12 months previous bills*, download bills as PDFs and print a copy if you need to.

We will send you an email notification to let you know when your bill is available online - notifications will be sent to the email address you have registered with us.

*This feature is dependent on when you registered for My eircom (for example if you registered for My eircom 3 months ago, you will be able to see your last 3 monthly bills).

I received an email telling me my account is being moved to paperless billing Ė can I change this?

Yes, you can opt to remain on paper bills. If you recently received an email from us about moving your account to paperless billing and you wish to remain on paper bills, thatís no problem. Just provide your details below by 30th April 2014 and weíll make sure you keep your paper bills. There is no additional charge for paper bills.

Please note: Paperless Billing is not currently available with eFibre - if you move to eFibre, your bills will be in paper format unless otherwise advised by eircom.

I would prefer to continue receiving paper bills:

Account Number

You can change your billing method (paper or paperless billing) at any time after this date by logging onto My eircom


You have opted to remain on paper billing, we have noted your preference and you do not need to take any further action.

Should you wish to switch to paperless billing at any time in the future, you can do so by selecting the paperless billing option in My eircom


If you have any other questions about paperless billing, you can find the answer in our Paperless Billing FAQs