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How to check if the problem is with your phone line

Before you log a fault make sure the problem you are experiencing is with your phone line

  • If you have any extra equipment connected to your phone line such as an extension, a fax, a computer or digital TV then these should all be unplugged.
  • If you can hear a dial tone when you have just one standard telephone plugged into the main socket* and you can make a call then the issue is not with your phone line.
  • If your phone line is still not working after you have removed the external equipment, please log your fault in the form below.

*The main socket is the original socket installed in your premises by a technician when you applied for service

Phone handset issues

If you are experiencing difficulties with your cordless handset rented/purchased from eircom, please check the model of the handset. The model of the handset will be located on the base station of the phone. All cordless handsets from eircom are supported by the manufacturers of these phones. Please contact the support numbers below for your relevant handset.

Siemens: 1850 777 277

Sagem: 1850 602 060

Internet difficulties

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your Internet connections or settings, why not visit www.eircom.net/homesupport where you can find a host of information on how to set up and adjust your broadband settings.

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  • Please contact your phone service provider to log an issue with your line.

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  • Please note charges apply if eircom attends to a fault outside of normal working hours, or if a fault is found that's not eircoms responsibility. Click here to find out about call-out charges.

    *** Contact details captured will only be used in relation to Service impacting issues, e.g. a fault update, an account issue or a service order. We may also from time to time ask you to participate in a customer satisfaction survey to provide us with some valuable feedback on our performance. These contact details will not be used for marketing or given to any 3rd party.